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Mike Doyle Chief Executive Officermdoyle@canetwork.org ext 104
Kay DoyleChief Administrative Officer kdoyle@canetwork.org ext 105
Denice Crawford Executive Administrative Assistant  dcrawford@canetwork.org 817-632-6010
Justin DewveallFacilities Manager jdewveall@canetwork.orge817-632-6018
Susan Derstine Community Outreach and Development Coordinator sderstine@canetwork.org817-632-6038
Jill LienemannAdministrative Assistantjlienemann@canetwork.org817-632-6011
Cornerstone Catering
Donna Anderson
Catering Services Coordinator danderson@canetwork.org
ext 148
Health Services - Charitable Clinic  817-632-6020
                          Dental Clinic 817-632-6022 
Lori Kennedy Director of Health Services 817-632-6035
Carol Robinson Registered Nurse crobinson@canetwork.org 817-632-6023
Lupe Rosales Patient Representative       817-632-6039
Veronica TorresPatient Representativevtorres@canetwork.org   817-632-6027
Stan Fitzer      Dentistsfitzer@canetwork.org817-632-6025
Janet Cerna   Dental Clinic Managerjcerna@canetwork.org817-632-6015
Katie McNabney     Dental Assistant kmcnabney@canetwork.org 817-632-6016
Adriana LanderosDental Assistantalanderos@canetwork.org817-632-6015
Melissa NewtonDental Hygienistmnewton@canetwork.org  817-632-6015
Housing Development
Philip Posey Director of Housing pposey@canetwork.org 817-632-6014
Network Development

Reentry Services
Andre JohnsonDirector, Reentry Services
Monty SharpReentry Services Coordinatormsharp@canetwork.org682-703-1600
Supportive Services
Coyletta Govan    Life Skills Coach cgovan@canetwork.org   817-632-6008
Greg Key Senior Intake Case Manager gkey@canetwork.org 817-632-6034
Nancy Lopez CFS Family Success Coach nlopez@canetwork.org 817-632-6037
Raul Morales    CFS Family Success Coach    rmorales@canetwork.org 817-632-0841
Cynthia McClenny   CFS Family Success Coach cmcclenny@canetwork.org 817-632-6019
Dalton Hodges       CARES Coachdhodges@canework.org 817-632-0845
Cornerstone Thrift Store / Warehouse
Marianne Dennehy Manager mdennehy@canetwork.org 817-632-6033

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