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Since beginning in 1992, Cornerstone has held firm to the belief that community collaborations are essential if we are going to help the disadvantaged in an effective manner. Only by weaving together a diverse network of churches, organizations, volunteers, and financial support has Cornerstone been able to consistently serve, and help others serve, thousands of people each year in Tarrant County.

Churches and organizations are being asked to help individuals and families in ways they may not be resourced to do on their own. While it is a blessing that people are turning to local churches and organizations for help, they quickly discover that resources have been allocated elsewhere or are not available at all. Our purpose at Cornerstone is to assist local churches and organizations with the resources they need in order to better meet the needs of those seeking assistance. It is our goal that together we can demonstrate Christ's love and compassion to all who come to us seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual help.

Network Partners are churches or organizations that officially partner with Cornerstone to create a network of care that can best resource those in need in our community. We can do more working together to combat poverty than we can do alone. When you become a Network Partner you are joining across denominational and social lines to meet basic needs for others in Christian love. The mission of Cornerstone is to "unite with others in Christian love to meet the needs of people." Our goal is to fulfill this mission by partnering and and resourcing local churches and other like-minded organizations so that God's mandate to care for the poor might be fulfilled. 

As a Network Partner church or organization, not only are you better resourced to meet the needs of those who come to your location, you are also able to draw on many network resources to benefit your church or organization. Network Partner meetings are held monthly at Cornerstone and often feature speakers and topics that are relevant to our individual work and our work together.   
Networking works because... 
    • Few churches or organizations have the expertise or resources to adequately meet all of their community needs of those in poverty
    • Partnerships help prevent the duplication of services while allowing churches and organizations to focus resources where they are most needed.
    • Partnerships expand outreach efforts and increase volunteer opportunities
    • Partnerships expose church members and organizational staff to social issues and needs outside their usual and immediate context
    • Partnerships with established agencies such as Cornerstone help show the way for the startup of additional ministries and services that are needed in the community 
 Interested in becoming a Network Partner?
    • Review our Network Partner Guide by clicking here
    • Contact Melvin, Director of Partner and Community Services, for a meeting and tour of Cornerstone by email or phone. 817-632-6012
    • Review and Complete a Memorandum of Understanding (tailored to your organization)