Housing Solutions & Development    

Cornerstone has been helping men, women, and families find stability in their lives by meeting their housing needs since 1994. Eliminating housing barriers allows all people the opportunity to move forward and become more stable and productive members of our community. Our housing efforts focus on the individual who may be facing challenges with housing solutions. Our goal is to move individuals from insecurity in housing to a variety of permanent solutions including home ownership. Our goal is not to transition those in need into a living space, but to work with them toward their long term goals for life and housing desires. Over 25 properties have been made available since 2014 for affordable ownership. Many of them are now owned by individuals and families who once saw homeownership as an unreachable dream.

Our current housing division includes three distinct avenues to sustained living. For men, the New Life Center in the up-and-coming Fairmount Historic District offers housing for men who have faced homelessness. Women who are being released from incarceration can become part of the Promise House, a place that provides safe shelter while working toward building a new life based upon Christian principles. We work to provide affordable homes to individuals and families who are ready and willing to achieve this goal. 

New Life Center     Philip Posey, Director 

New Life Center is a home where men who have faced homelessness can focus on education and meeting their long-term career goals. During their residence, each man is provided supportive services such as case management, mentoring, and spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial guidance. Despite where these men may come from, their future possibilities are limitless. Residents graduate from college every year, including one resident who graduated as Valedictorian from TCU.

Those interested in being a resident may complete the application and interview process in person, Monday mornings at 9:30 am. No appointment is necessary. Applicants must be currently homeless and drug- and alcohol-free.

1628 Sixth Ave. Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Affordable Homes     Philip Posey, Director 

If you or your family are ready to explore the possibility of affordable home ownership. We love to work together with people to help them reach their housing goals. Past solutions have included new single family homes in Polytechnic Heights of Fort Worth and rehabbed homes across Tarrant County. Additionally, Cornerstone has been working to develop the Spanish Gardens Condominiums in the Ridglea Hills area of west Fort Worth. Over 19 condos have been renovated and provided as affordable homeownership opportunities.   This project has not only provided housing but has greatly improved the Spanish Gardens community. Contact the housing director to discuss current programs and availability. We currenty have 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom condominiums for sale to resident owners only.  The units are affordably priced from $50,000 to $75,000, depending on their size. Individuals who wish to purchase these units should contact their lending institution for pre-qualification.